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    Layer styles & automation in AE CS4

    elasater Level 1

      I'm new to AE and having fun learning it. I have 25 title cards that I am creating, each has the same background with a photo & text that varies on each card, but the placement is the same. It would go a bit faster if I didn't have to apply the same layer styles, etc. over and over again.  I have a couple of questions...


      1) Is it possible to save a layer style (much like in Photoshop) so that it can be reapplied to other elements in other compositions?


      2) Is it possible to create a "template" composition that can be used as a starting point for others?  (Or a way to duplicate existing comps?)


      Thank you...

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          yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

          To duplicate a comp, select it in the project panel and hit ctrl-d (cmd-d if you are on a mac).


          I encourage you to have a look at the Nesting & precomposing part of the AE docs, it full of stuff that might just be what you need for you exemple

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Yes, you can duplicate a composition.


            Yes, you can create templates.


            To reuse effects, layer styles, and other settings from one layer to another, consider saving and using animation presets.

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              elasater Level 1

              Thanks TONS!!!   This will save me so much time!

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I make animation presets all the time. They work just fine with Layer styles. Here's the trick. After you have completed your effect/animation on your layer press the U key twice. This will reveal all changed properties in your layer. Then, if there are no keyframes set an initial keyframe for each of the properties. Next, select all keyframes and go to Animation>Save Animation Preset. Pick a name and save. If you layer has keyframes you add keyframes for all settings that are revealed by pressing the U key twice, then select all keyframes in the layer and save the animation preset.


                Now you can just call the preset up from your Effects and Presets panel or from the menu and apply it to any text layer.


                One more note, You'll see source text for a text layer as a changed value. Don't set a keyframe for this or every time you apply the preset you'll get the same text you have in the original. OTT, this technique works just fine.

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Not to spoil Rick's advise, but normally it should not be necessary to create extra keyframes. The alternative is to select the changed properties, then use drag&drop to the Effects & Presets palette. You will be asked just the same where you want to save your preset, but without the overhead. I believe, however, that some stubborn third-party plug-ins will not save the correct data this way, so in that case creating a keyframe would be required.