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    PE7- 10 min to load project


      I've tried everything. I have even downloaded Avanced Care and scanned. It didn't really help. It opens the project, and then the mouse is a hourglass for about 10 minutes. Then Roughly a third of all my video thumbnails load, the mouse and program works again. Could it be files I'm using in my project? They were originally AVCHD files, but I converted them to .wmv files, and used them. It's a really big project, with about 200 short scenes to be around 12 min. long. Help, please?

      I've disk defragmented already. Processor is Pentium D. I've also rendered all the files except for a few small parts of the timeline.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What is your Project Preset?


          Where are the files located? If on an external, what is its connection speed?


          Why convert to .WMV?


          You mention a Pentium D. That is quite possibly either the cause, or a major contributor. Tell us you full system specs., please.


          Now, we're talking apples to oranges here, but an 8-hour Project, with Assets (roughly 2000 JPG images with Keyframing in all, 15 DV-AVI's and 35 .MOV files, plus maybe 200 Titles) on a FW-800 external, loads into PrPro 2.0 on my workstation in about 45-60 sec. Now, so far, nothing is rendered, so there will be less linking to be done, but still, that's one big Project.


          Good luck,



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            potie15 Level 1

            They are right from my computer downloaded. I converted them because I thought that might speed up the program, because if I use AVCHD, then it would go slower?

            Full system specs:XP Media Edition 2002 SP3, 3.0 ghz, 1 GB RAM

            Thanks for the response!

            Please respond quickly!


            I do not know what a project preset is, but I selected NTSC or something like that when I started a new project.

            OH SHOOT! My project preset was a DV!

            I wonder how I can change it.....

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Thank you for that info. Did I miss the specs. on your HDD's? They can be very, very important.


              Now, you have started out with HD footage (AVCHD), and converted these to .WMV. Which MS CODEC did you use for this conversion?


              What is your intended end result? What do you wish to Export/Share to/as?


              Unfortunately, you cannot change the Presets, once you begin a Project. It is always best to use Presets that match your Assets. You can then Export to a different frame-size, later, but will get the ultimate results from the proper Presets.


              Good luck,



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                potie15 Level 1

                Forgive me for my ignorance, but I'm not sure what you mean by codec. I useda program called AVS Video Converter. It took a LOONNGG time. I wanted to burn to a DVD, and/or save it to a file, but my previous attempts have failed. On burning, I have an encoding error at 27%, and on the file saving, after I opened the file where I save it to, there was no audio, and only 45 seconds of my movie! I know I'm going to save toa DVD foler now. Does it work right from a computer if you open up the DVD folder, or can only a DVD recognize it? I also tried exporting it, but it also froze. Thank you so, so so so much!!!!!

                Also-I've seen you've mentioned something about the "frame size"? What does it do? Which one is the best for me?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  OK, CODEC is the encoding/decoding aspect of an AV file. At one level, it is a module, that when installed on the computer, allows programs to decode the file. At another level, it is the module used to compress the file for use elsewhere. In the .WMV format, there are many possible CODEC's. I believe that all are developed by MicroSoft. They are not all equal, as some allow for various Audio and Video formats. They are all compressed, and all are designed for "streaming" media, and not for editing. Though it works best with .AVI files, and next .MPEG files, G-Spot does tell one much about MOST .WMV files.


                  Do not know your conversion program, but would assume that it will only use installed CODEC's on your system.


                  Now, to "play" a DVD, whether from the DVD drive (on a disc), or from a folder, one will need a DVD software player, like CyberLink's PowerDVD. Unless one has a DirectShow MPEG-2 decoder installed, Windows Media Player will not play these. At one time, it did, but MS cut that out.


                  Where are you getting the error at 27%? If it's during the Transcode/Burn stage, then look very closely at your Timeline at 54% of the Duration - just past the halfway point. If in some other process, let us know when.


                  As for the performance in loading, I still do not think we know about your hard disk drives and how they are setup. Also, how much free space is available?


                  "Frame Size," refers to the Preset that the Project is in. For instance, NTSC 4:3 will mean 720x480 for DVD output. If that is what the original footage is, then that should be the Preset. If you have HD footage, then that will dictate the Preset. You can still alter this, but only for Export. The original setting for the Project must hold. Always go with a Preset that matches your original footage. Export to what you need.


                  Good luck,



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                    potie15 Level 1

                    It has 119 GB of free space on my home drive.

                    The error is at the first stage, in the "encoding stage", and I get a transcoding error!!!!!!!! Even when I burn to folder.

                    Please help!!!!!


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                      Paul_LS Level 4

                      To avoid the encoding error try first exporting your project as DV-AVI, File>Export>Movie and then bring this back into a new project add DVD markers/menu and then burn.


                      Also your quality will be greatly impacted by convertinbg to WMV and editing this in Premiere Elements, WMV is a highly compressed format not really suitable for editing. Better to convert your AVCHD files to DV-AVI and edit these.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        119GB *should* be enough to handle most Projects.


                        I'd look at Paul's suggestions above, as they might help you.



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          I agree about the .WMV format. It is a delivery format (in all of its CODEC's) and does not edit that well.


                          If it is the only choice that you have to work with, I'd Open it in Windows Movie Maker and then Export to DV-AVI from WMM. Note: you will get a DV-AVI Type I, and Premiere likes, and works best with, DV-AVI Type II files. Still, the Type I should Import fine.You *might* have a bit of OOS (Out Of Sync), but can usually just Alt-click on the Audio, and slide it a few frames one way, or the other. Make sure to turn Snap OFF, or you'll get very frustrated trying to nudge the Audio a few frames. Remember to turn it back ON for editing.


                          The ultimate workflow would be to Import the AVCHD material into PE7 (on a very fast machine) and edit natively. Next would be to use a conversion program to get you to DV-AVI Type II. I'd strongly suggest leaving the .WMV out of the mix entirely, except if you wish to Export from PE into it for streaming files.


                          Hope that this helps, and that you'll get it done in time. Good luck,



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                            potie15 Level 1

                            I tried to export again, and this time, starting from around 40% rendering on the first stage, there is a "debug error", saying [..\..\Src\AudioRender\StackAudioBuffer.cpp-58], and it kept on poping up, so I kept on pressing "continue", until it was done rendering the first stage. What happened? What's wrong?

                            So, if I se my AVCHD files, pre7 would go faster? Wow. Nobody told me that. 'Oh well, thank you so very much. I still haven't got my question answered though. So it's just that it's wmv files that my video thumbnalis take 10-20 mins to load?

                            I still haven't tried to burn the DV-AVI file from a new project into a disc folder yet...


                            And please respond!

                            Thank you so much!

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              The error on the AudioRender leads me to believe that there is a problem with your Audio content.


                              Couple of questions:


                              Do you have any MP3's? If so, can you convert these to WAV? You want PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit. Can be stereo or mono.


                              Do you have any AC3 Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Audio? This is common with AVCHD material. Usually, PE can render it out, but it does need to be on its own Audio Track. PE will usually not let you mix Audio sources.


                              Do you happen to know the Audio CODEC used by your .WMV converter? Not sure, since you're working with .WMV's, but maybe G-Spot can give you a clue. Usually, PE will balk at Importing non-standard Audio, either rate, or bit-depth. However, I have seen people get all sorts of Audio into PE, or PrPro, only to have the render fail later. Same for Adobe Encore, the DVD authoring program.


                              You didn't delete any .CFA (or .PEK) files did you? These are the Audio Conform files, that PE needs to handle any Audio that is not WAV 48KHz 16-bit. If you did, PE *should* rebuild these. If it needs to, do not do anything with PE, as long as the little blue progress bar is in the lower-right corner. Let it complete.


                              Good luck,



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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                As for editing native AVCHD files, yes, PE7 can do that. However, you need major computer horsepower to do it. Few people have a system powerful enough to do it smoothly. A quad-core is recommended and dual quad-cores would be even better. Most people also add a RAID array for their media drive, plus fill the MoBo with as much RAM as either the MoBo, or the OS, will take. Also, the DD 5.1 SS in many of these files can cause some headaches. Much depends on the camera used.


                                If one is going to Export to DVD, I'd look into setting the camera to downsample the AVCHD files to SD, if possible and just Capture and edit in SD for output. Now, if one is going BD, then it's totally different.



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                                  potie15 Level 1

                                  I ran out of helpful awards.

                                  Well, yes actually. My movie is a soundtrack based movie, with a .mp3 playing throughout, with some parts of audio from the original videos playing along. I can't do any more conversions, cuz it took me a lot of time to edit that soundtrack to what I wanted! Thanks for the tip tho.

                                  I don't think I deleted anything, but I still don't know how to fix the problem-reinstalling would work?

                                  Thanks, please respond.

                                  I really really appreciate all the help and popularity!

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Personally, I hold uninstall/reinstall as a last resort. Yes, it does help in some cases, but your problems seem to be more Project related, rather than software, or hardware related. Still, there is a possibility, however small, that something is amiss with your program.


                                    Even though an unistall/reinstall should not affect your Project (or your media), I'd definitely do a Save_As for your Project, away from the location that your original Project is stored - just in case. This will only copy the Project file (.PREL), but you'll have it as a backup.


                                    If you do the reinstall, make certain that all AV, pop-blocking and spyware programs are OFF.


                                    Now back to your Project. If your editing of the Sound Track is done, try doing just an Export of it as PCM/WAV. This will do two things:

                                    1.) test that your edited MP3 is will Export

                                    2.) allow you replace your MP3 with a PCM/WAV Audio file, should the MP3, plus the Video be causing an issue.


                                    Good luck,



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                                      potie15 Level 1

                                      I tried exporting th music, but the same error came up again, this time it just ended, saying unknown error while compiling movie or something like that. HELPP! It was like that around 27 precent maybe...? Please help, and quickly, quickly!!!!! Please!!!!!!!


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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        OK, that tells us that there is something wrong with the Audio, hence the earlier error message.


                                        You say that it is an MP3, but that you have heavily edited it. That makes it a bit more difficult.


                                        I'd suggest that you ditch the MP3 all together, and convert it outside of PE. Import a PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit file. You will have to re-do the edits to it, but I cannot see a way to save what you have already done. For what it is worth, MP3 is a bad choice for Audio. First, it is heavily compressed. For another, MP3 is just not that good a format. Most NLE programs will handle some, but others just do not work at all. With the exception of a very short SFX file, I do not use any MP3 sources.


                                        The freeware, Audacity, will convert for you, as will many other programs. I'd do this now, and then edit the PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit Export from Audacity, as is required.


                                        You are close, so do not give up.



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                                          potie15 Level 1


                                          I got it! I had this really really little part of the audio edit that was a bit odd. It was really short, and I put the transition completely over them. This is what you do:

                                          1) Export the audio, if there is a lear problem with it. It will render until there is the error.

                                          2) Now, go to the file that you saved. There will be your audio until where it stopped renderring, which is where ithe error is. Drag the time indicator on windows media player or whatever program you're using to the last "frame". Take not othe time.

                                          3) Go back to PE7, and look closely at the exact same time as your audio file. Try to delete a small portion after that time, and try to export it again.

                                          4) Export your file into a avi, and then import it into a new project to burn!

                                          Thank you so much for allllll your help.

                                          But a still have a burning question-why are there errors on PRE7? And why does it still taek 10 -15 mins to load all my thumbnails? Thank you!!!1

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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                            So very glad that you got your Project done. You really hung in there on this one. Thank you for reporting your method of tracking down the spot with the problem. I hope that your client, or your professor, will be pleased with the results. You deserve a pat-on-the-back for your efforts.