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    Is there a Version 10 of Reader...or have I been had?


      I've had this on my mind for a good 6 months and thought I'd better clear this up.


      Out of three computers, I have one that has Version 10 of Acrobat Reader. I've searched all over and can't find anything related to a version 10 except some foreign site...this worries me, as I can't remember anything odd about how I got this version to begin with. I always use a site, http://secunia.com/software_inspector/, to keep my versions up to date, and have never had a problem before. I can't remember for sure that I got this version through them. Maybe it was through a "check for updates" thing.


      I haven't had any problems, but something just feels a little strange.


      Did Adobe have a Beta out around 6 to 12 months ago? Or, have I been stepped on?


      If so; any recommendations on how to clean this up?


      Thanks in advance,