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    Zoom Selection Area Response

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      When I use the zoom tool and select a rectangle, it means I want to zoom into that rectangle, even if the rectangle is larger than the document. I do this sometimes because I want some gray area on purpose so I can use it to deselect things or start a mask selection outside of the document. Instead of just assuming I want to zoom to fit, will you please make it actually zoom to my selection? Or at least give me an option in the preferences that allows me to turn off smart zooming or something? There is such a thing as too smart!


      Thanks for listening

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          in another discussion, harry teasley wrote:


          Don't like your fit-to-rectangle zoom? Select a different rectangle.


          Maybe you don't understand the request. What I mean is when you have the zoom tool selected, even with a blank document, and say you zoom out then then you want to zoom in to a very specific zoom level that would allow you to see the entire bounds of the active document, but with a couple inches of window background around it, allowing you to use the brush tool to stroke even the edge of the document with the very edge of the brush. Assuming this is a fat brush, it wouldn't be possible to paint the border of the document in this way unless you had sufficient window background space around the document. For me, this is usually a couple inches of a margin.


          Instead, Photoshop just assumes that if I'm so far zoomed out and I perform a zoom selection that I want to zoom to fit, but if that's what I wanted I would have right-clicked >> zoom to fit!