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    Flash Forms & CFGRID

    TiGGi Level 1
      I have flash form where I can transfer items between 2 grids. The idea is to take items from grid1 and move to grid2 and on submit it will take items from grid2 and instert them into the database. This part works fine as long as grid2 is empty, but when I go to edit these items so grid 2 already has items in it, any item that I add from grid1 doesn't save. I even tried function where all items in grid2 get edited and this way they would be set to U as action, but it doesn't work. I use <cfif isdefined("Form.grid2.rowstatus.action")> and then loop db insert as Form.grid2.rowstatus.action index.

      Is there a way to take all items from a grid regardless if they are updated/inserted and submit them?