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    Error Compiling Movie


      I've searched all over for answers, but I just can't figure this one out.


      Its a birthday weekend video, shot with a handi cam.  Its about 9 minutes long, and has three mp3's on it.  I've tried converting into windows media file, quicktime, avi etc., and it always comes up with the error compiling message.  I''ve cleared the preview folder, I tried taking out the mp3's, and it still doesnt work.  I even tried exporting  small sections, one section into an avi file, and another section into a quicktime, and it succesfully imported.  But unfortunatly, the quicktime didn't have sound, and the avi file just crashed when I played it.


      The video files are mp4 converted from .mov files.


      Please help, I am starting to lose it.



      Thank you,



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          You may want to check out VideoSpin.  It's a free program.


          "Avid Technology Inc. today unveiled VideoSpin® 2.0 – an ideal solution for consumers with no video editing experience who want to quickly and effortlessly share their entertaining videos on the Web. 


          Support for QuickTime file import – now digital still camera and video camera owners can easily import QuickTime files and create compelling movies and slideshows"

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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            Welcome to the forums.

            The following links will help you understand the situation and what to do about it:

            FAQ: How do I import xyz format files?

            FAQ:How do I convert my files?


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              To help with the troubleshooting, can you be more explicit and provide these details:


              1.) Which camera was used?

              2.) What format and resolution were the files, that it produced?

              3.) How did you get these files onto your computer?

              4.) What is the Project Preset (or Sequence Preset in CS4)?

              5.) What is the intended delivery method and format?


              As a guess from your post, I'd have said try without the MP3's, but you've already done that. It shows that something is wrong with your Assets, hence my questions above.


              Good luck,