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    Copyright policy

    Foxchx Level 1

      I have been asking abit about that but pretty much everybody tell me the same thing...[check with the apps licence and developers]


      my problem is that i can't find the right channels...


      long story short i am about to use the "employees directory" app along with the tutorial to make my first project.


      i will be able to re-use the majority of the code already in place, definitly change all the styles and skins for my project and change the database entries.


      As it's part of the trainning and source file are given at




      My problem is that i have questions about the liscence and copyright "do and don'ts".... at the above address i can find the developper's name and the files but is there somewhere else i could ask, just to be sure.


      basically is there any official pages for apps where more info are given?