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    Vista Font - Calibri in TOC

      A new stylesheet was created by one of our authors that included the use of the font - Calibri. She updated the skin with the new font and published to our QA site. We can see the majority of her stylesheet updates, except for we do not see the text in the new font - Calibri. The TOC seems to default to Times New Roman and the navigation pane looks like our old Verdana, as does the topics.

      It looks very badly. The other authors do not have Calibri in our fonts folder and know how to add the new Vista fonts, but are wondering how we fix this for all of our users without making them download the new fonts. I never thought about how our font selection is displayed on a user's pc. I "assumed" it looked the same for everyone because the source files were included in my webhelp output. Now I see that if the user does not have the correct font set, they will see things differently. Can I fix this?
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          Ben Minson Level 2
          If you have Adobe Flash and can edit the files for a FlashHelp skin of your choice to use Calibri, then FlashHelp would display the Calibri font on every user's computer.

          With most anything on the Web, fonts must be installed on the user's machine in order for them to appear as specified--otherwise, they'll default to something else. Flash is an exception to this because the fonts become embedded (or can be embedded) in the movie.

          The quickest fix is to choose a font for the style sheet that you expect to find on every user's computer (Verdana is a good bet). For the WebHelp TOC pane, the font is specified in the Skin Editor rather than a style sheet.

          Hope this helps some,