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    Index to Dreamweaver FAQ

    David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

      New to Dreamweaver?

      If you're a Creative Cloud subscriber, check out the Dreamweaver CC tutorials.

      Dreamweaver CC differs considerably from Dreamweaver CS6. If you're still using CS6, you might find Creating Your First Website in the Adobe Developer Connection archive helpful.


      To work successfully with Dreamweaver, you need a solid understanding of HTML and CSS. There are free tutorials for both at HTML Dog:

      Also check out Get up to speed with CSS layouts.

      Crashes, installation, JavaScript errors, and unexplained problems

      If Dreamweaver is acting erratically, or if you see a message saying "the following JavaScript error(s) occurred",  it's usually a sign of a corrupt cache file. The first thing to try should always be to delete the file cache. If that doesn't work, delete your personal Configuration folder. Full instructions are in Deleting a corrupted cache file.


      If you're having general installation problems, there's a dedicated forum for Downloading, Installing, Setup. When posting there, give details of your system and any error messages you get.


      Installing third-party extensions in DW CC 2015 and later


      Design problems/CSS

      Design tutorials

      Note: Some tutorials are on non-Adobe sites


      The following links relate to the deprecated PHP server behaviors that have been removed from Dreamweaver. The server behaviors use outdated code that will be removed from PHP 7. You should avoid using them. The links are here purely for archive purposes.


      Photoshop integration

      Site management


      User interface