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    Video Formats in Flash CS4

    johnd59898678 Level 1

      I recently upgraded to CS4.


      Previously in CS3 I was Importing Quicktime .mov files using the Import Video command. In the dialog that would appear, I would choose progressive download and ON2 VP6 and Flash CS3 would then initiate a progress bar with the ultimate result being the creation of a new FLV file made from the .mov. This always worked fine in the past.


      Now with CS4, it was my understanding that I could import Quicktime movies that use the H.264 standard without having to create an FLV... is that true? The reason I ask is because I just created (3) 2 minute videos in Final Cut Pro Studio and exported them to Apple Compressor 3 which further saved them as .mov H.264 files for web downloading. These files play perfect from the hard drive using Quicktime Player. So, I opened Flash CS4, used the Import Video menu item as before, progressive download, etc. and now instead of creating a new FLV file I just saw a progress bar saying something about reading Metadata and then the video icon appeared on stage in Flash. After publishing the SWF, the movie played fine from the hard drive. Since I did not see a new movie file created by Flash after importing or publishing, I was assuming that it was just pulling the video data from the original .mov file I imported? The problem I ran into was when I uploaded all the files (including the original .mov file) I only got a video control bar showing with a progress bar running, but the video never appeared. Did I do something wrong?


      As a workaround, I tried dragging the .mov into the new Adobe Media Encoder CS4 and created am F4V (a new file on my desktop). The filesize was smaller than the original .mov, but when I imported the F4V into Flash and published that to the web it played fine (a bit lower quality though).


      Also, when I dragged the .mov file to the Media Encoder it stated that it was an FLV file not a .mov H.264 file.


      What am I missing or doing wrong? How is the best way to get a Quicktime H.264 file imported into and published from Flash CS4 for the highest quality?


      Thanks for any help!