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    Blending multiple bitmap's, is there limits??


      Hello, I've got 50 bitmaps on the stage, lying on top each other with a blendshader on each image. I performe some addative, and I get the desired result. And waht suprises me alot is that there are no performence problems, not eaven online. How ever, when I go over 24 images I'm startibng to get bugs.


      Each images ha a variable going from 0-1 that set how much of the rgb I wan't to use, so i can change the blend amount in my sahder. So I got some sliders to alter them in the application, and as I said it works excellent untill I put to many images on the stage. When I do some images just don't affect the blending anymore. I know the values is set in the shader by tracing when I do it.


      My question is if there are limit's how many blending falsh can performe per frame.


      My understanding is that the pictures is drawn in the same order as they are added to the stage, and that the blending sahder will blend with what ever is allready behind it on the stage. But is 50 images to much to handle per frame?


      As I said the performencr is raly good the application runs very smootly, even with 50 images.