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    'No Flash detected' message


      Hi everyone,


      I have searched all afternoon, and I thought millions of people must have this problem, but couldn't find a single useful site.


      Here is my problem:


      I have made a flash site, that works correctly for people with flash. People without Flash however, don't see anything but my background color. No yellowbar on top that enables them to download flash, and no message that they need to have flash either!


      I want to display a message when the user doesn't have flash, like on www.thehansofoundation.org


      The code of that site looks so simple I just cant get it to work on my published html code is waaaaayyy more complicated. (you can check it out at www.si-taly.nl)



      I just want the site to say that you need flash, you can download it here, and if you don't get it to install you have to contact your network administrator, because a lot of companies have disabled flash and I want their administrators to explain te problem and not the client I made this site for.


      Hope someone will help me because like I said, I think it's a problem faced by millions of people.


      Thank you all in advance


      Stef de Vos