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    PE 7 Alpha channel flv

    jthompson1012 Level 1

      Hi all.  I imported an .avi file into PE7.  The vid was shot with a green screen, and I am looking to play this video over my website after I key out the green background, thus giving the transparent video effect.  I was able to use the Green Screen Key to get rid of the background.


      Then I am able to share the file and set it up as "Adobe Flash Video".  Once I click the advanced settings, I am able to change a couple of them.  If the Video Codec is set for Sorensen Spark, I cannot select the checkbox for Encode Alpha Channel.  If I set it up for On2 VP6, the option is there to encode the alpha channel, but when I close the options box and click the Save button, it tells me Invalid Argument.  Any help is greatly appreciated.