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    MS IntelliPoint Mouse Driver & Crashes

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      In the PrPro CS4 forum, a user was experiencing crashes upon launch of PrPro. His gear met, or exceeded all specs. Nothing looked amiss, with his setup, and the installation seemed fine. After trying every troubleshooting tip from the forum, he contacted Adobe TS.


      They worked though many things, and finally solved his problem - his MS IntelliPoint Mouse driver was causing PrPro to crash. He removed it, and all worked perfectly. I am trying to find out the version number of his IntelliPoint driver, and will post that as an addendum.


      Going back several versions, the IntelliPoint drivers caused several problems, but mostly with the GUI display. These existed in most Adobe programs, and later releases of the IntelliPoint driver seemed to not exhibit this problem. However, with the old drivers, there were no reports of crashes, just flickering GUI's. This was news to me.


      While I cannot guarantee that it will fix crashing Adobe programs, it is something to investigate, if you are experiencing crashes, after you look at all of the other troubleshooting tips. Just a H/U, of something else to try.


      Good luck,