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    Two camera multicamera editing

    bojesen Level 1

      To old pros, this may be old hat - if so my apologies for posting - but to me it is a revolution - and of possible help to some.


      To foresee unwanted panning or zooming (to create a new shot) use this method (assuming you have already syncronized video and audio on tracks 1 and 2): 1) select all - both video and audio tracks, 2) move everything two and a half secs. down the timelines, 3) lock audio tracks, 4) copy all, 5) lock both video tracks, 6) paste at 00:00:00:00. You should now have four video tracks. When this sequence is dragged into a new multi editing sequence and enabled in the normal way, the video in the top two windows will play 2-2.5 secs. ahead of real time thus giving you amble time to select the alternative window. Has saved me hours and hours not having to go back to reselect. I call it multicam editing the Danish way - with a smile.