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    AE CS4 Interface stops updating properly


      I've been having this problem come and go for awhile - AE CS4 dialog boxes (like Save As), menus, even scrubbing the timeline sometimes just randomly stop working.  A few minutes ago I went to the Effects menu and it opened totally black - as I moved my mouse down the menu it drew in each item.  Before that double clicked on a layer marker and it opened a blank box.  File->Save As dialog boxes sometimes open empty.  And scrubbing on the timeline just sometimes stops updating.  If I keep clicking at random places on the timeline that one usually will fix itself.


      In ALL CASES exitting and restarting AE fixes it.


      Yea, certainly sounds like a video driver kinda thing - but this just started happening with no changes to my system.  (AE also had a 2-day fit where it would not render Maya .IFF files even though I've used them for years, then it got over it and now works fine again....???)


      System is Intel dual quad core, 8G ram, Windows XP x64, Quadro FX 1700


      Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Know how to fix?



      David Henion