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    cs3 graphic size tween problem

    Alberta Jefe Level 1

      I'm forced into using action script 2.0


      I've got a simple graphic that I want to make shrink as the timeline plays an audio file.  when narrator says "10" I've got a big 10 that I want to shrink to a small 10 so it will move away and join a list.


      first attempt,

      take big 10, put on timeline, few frames later, add keyframe, resize to desired size, add motion tween.

      result:  10 moves but scale attributes are gone:  I'm left with a big 10 moving around.  (adding shape tween resulted in nothing, no tween like flash was ignoring me)


      second attempt,

      convert to symbol, do all the same, no change,


      third attempt,

      convert 10 to movie, go "into" the movie, create the scale and position animation successfully, (works in movie)

      result: on main timeline, movie just sits there and doesn't behave like it does on it's own.


      Is flash trying to tell me I have to write actionscript just to resize a stupid graphic?  any help is appreciated!