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    [AS CS3] Script call in 10.4 doesn't work in 10.5

    SuperMacGuy Level 2

      I need to select all items on all layers of a document, except for a few layer names specified as a property:

      property theUnwantedLayers : {"Proof","Background"}


      in 10.4 this work:

      tell myIDFile

      tell spread s

      tell every page

      set myAdPageItems to (every page item whose item layer's name is not in theUnwantedLayers)



      In 10.5 it does not.


      I had previously been trying to do a loop through all the layers and eliminating layers if the name matched an item in theUnwantedLayers. Ultimately I could not combine the list of items from each layer into one flat list. This one combined command seemed so elegant and functional.


      Any suggestions....?