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    How to submit data from livecycle form to sharepoint list

    Trudy Kay

      Our company uses both Adobe Acrobat 9 pro with livecycle and sharepoint.  My ultimate goal is to be able to use livecycle forms to submit data to a sharepoint list.  However, I can't seem to find any information on how to do this.  I can not beleive we are the only ones to want to use forms in this way.


      If anyone can give me information on how to accomplish this I would be very appreciative!



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          Hodmi Level 4

          Hi Trudy;


          First off, I'm not a SharePoint expert (you have no idea how not-an-expert I am). I did work on a proof-of-concept that had a  step where I needed to write a LC generated PDF to a SharePoint Document Library.


          I am not aware of any out of the box LC components to access SharePoint features, but with LC's extensibility you could write your own that would use SharePoint's SOAP api.  I ended up going the WebDav route because I just couldn't figure out the SharePoint APIs in a Java environment.


          Having said that, there are a couple of Adobe partners that already have gone through that pain.  I believe that both Ensemble (http://www.ensemble.com/) and Cardinal Solutions (http://www.cardinalsolutions.com/) have built SharePoint connection components for LiveCycle.

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            Trudy Kay Level 1

            I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear from someone about this issue.  I will certainly look into the links you have given me.  I am interested to see what they have!!!


            I started off by simply submitting the forms to a doc library too.  I simply enabled the doc library to accept incoming emails and then used a submit button to email the form into the doc library.  Worked great!  We are actually doing that with several forms for things like attendance sign off for training, new/modify/terminate network user access forms or IT, etc.  Problem was that if you wanted to create views to use in web part, or dashboard for example, the data would have to be manually entered into a list.  I would like to try and eliminate that need. 


            So far I have tried creating a customer http handler to pass the XML form data to the list.  Looks like this has worked very well for some people.  Problem is our SharePoint runs on a windows 2008 server, and the code needed is a little bit different then the code examples.  Still working on a solution.  Fortunately or unfortunately I do development for both SharePoint and Livecycle forms so I can go at it from both angles.


            When I solve the issue would you like me to email you back with the solution?


            Thank you for your help, so far you are the only response I have gotten from anywhere.  Thank you!


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