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    Adobe Reader 9.x crashes when opening PDF's created using Office 2007


      I work on the helpdesk side for a big corporation and many of our users are reporting that when they try to open a PDF, it locks up their Internet Explorer or Reader 9.x


      We noticed that the problems were only caused by PDFs that were presentations created in PowerPoint, then saved as a PDF with the Office 2007 Save as PDF plugin. So what we did was engaged an engineer at Microsoft to look into the issue.  They did a lot of troubleshooting and narrowed it down.


      They think that if the presentation was created using PP 2003 then opened in PP 2007 then saved as a PDF then this causes AR 9.x to crash.  So what they did was remove the slide number, and added a new slide number using PP 2007, save it as a PDF then it opens in AR 9.x


      All other versions of AR can open the PDF under the same scenario.


      Has anyone else experienced this issue?