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    Flex App Height Problem


      I have a flex/flash app embedded within an index.html file (html code to follow).  I am trying to get the flex application to fill all of the available real estate within the html embed tag.  Making the embed tag 'width' attribute equal to 100% works, but making the height attribute '100%' doesnt seem to work.  No matter what percent value I put on the height attribute, the embedded flash/flex app never changes its height occupancy.  I can change the width attribute to, say 50%, and the flash/flex app shrinks to 50%.  Am I doing something wrong or not using the correct attribute?  I am really stumped on this one.  Any ideas?


      <script language....


      document.write('<object id="flexApp" class_id="xxx" codebase="...." height="100%" width="100%" scroll="no">');
      document.write('param name="flashvars" value="...."/>');
      document.write('param name="src" value="something.swf"/>');
      document.write('param name="wmode" value="transparent"/>');
      document.write('embed name="flexAp" pluginspage="..." src="something.swf" wmode="transparent" width="100%" height="100%" scroll="no" />');