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    plotchart - bug?


      Im wanting to use a PlotChart but have run into the following problem: its defaulting to all black with black text! I have several of these charts in my application and only one is having this problem. Here is the code:



      <mx:PlotChart width="100%" height="100%"

                  id="x10_2_PlotChart" paddingBottom="0" paddingLeft="0" paddingTop="0" paddingRight="0">


                  <mx:PlotSeries xField="fullDate" yField="nameLoc"/>




                      <mx:LinearAxis id="vaxis" labelFunction="x10_2_LabelFunction" />




                      <mx:DateTimeAxis />






      This is the only chart where I'm using the DateTimeAxis.


      The 'all black' version appears immediately when I load the form - before I set the dataprovider.


      I've tried changing various params in hope of understanding what I've set wrong. Setting / changing the data provider doesn't fix it.  My labelFunction returns "" if the data hasn't been loaded yet.


      It appears to be random. Im trying to be systematic about getting a repro case but making changes in other (unrelated) parts of the code can cause the problem to go away / return.


      Im guessing that the alpha has gotten set in some odd space. If I change it to .5 at design time I get a usable chart with a greenish background. I can see the text now though. Its not a solution though. I tried adjusting the 'blendmode' too. No luck.


      Im doing something completely silly and I can't see it. Set me right and laugh all you want.