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    Confused about framerates of my HD video


      I have a bunch of MP4 video files that were taken with my Flip Mino HD camera.


      According to GSpot and PP4 the framerate is 30fps progressive. However, my sequence is listed as 29.97fps under framerate.


      I would like to produce two versions of my movie, one for DVD and the other for web (YouTube HD). What are the differences in editing I need to be aware of with regard to framerate? Why doesn't PP4 give me the option to create a 30fps sequence?


      My severely limited understand at this point is that 29.97fps is used with 60i footage and NTSC sets for playback speed but I am unclear if it affects my edits in PP4.


      My biggest fear is that my 1.5 hour movie that uses the MinoHD footage will become out of sync with the audio if a frame or two are being dropped every so often.