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    Weird mouse trail marks on my flash video


      Hi all,


      Using Captivate 4 I'm trying to record a web tutorial so users can literally watch an FMV of me carrying out various clicks etc on a website. This should be very simple, but I'm finding one element that is really pi$$ing me off as I cant understand why its happening.


      I record the video, its fine; I preview the video, its fine. I then publish the video as an SWF locally and click the "view output" once complete - works fine. I upload the files (swf, htm and .js) to my ftp space and go to look at the live web version of my video - "doesnt work fine".


      The mouse cursor leaves all these hideous little marks randomly as well as little marks/lines appearing between characters displayed when I recorded type input. I can not get to the bottom of why this happens. I have spent many nights re-recording the 30-sec long clip using so many different scenarios, different compression options enabled/disabled, trying 16bit or 32bit visual mode, differing ASV2 or ASV3, different frame rates, differnt flash player versions in the "publish" options area - all to no avail.


      This one element is really stopping me from doing what I'm trying to achieve and I would be so greatful if anyone else can advise why this happens.


      You can see the "finished result" just at www.impaler81.co.uk with the root of the flash file being www.impaler81.co.uk/demo-category.swf and the HTM version being www.impaler81.co.uk/demo-category.htm. The HTM appears fine with the "live" and swf versions being poor. Ive also tried two machines using a combo of IE8, IE7 and Firefox 3 - all occasions show the crappy markings, both on vista.


      Many thanks,