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    popups in .pdf possible?



        Is there any way to create a popup window in a pdf that will show text from another pdf?  I'm trying to see if there is a way to accomplish this so that a reader doesn't have to exit the current pdf but can still view help text as a popup.  Similar to popups in RoboHelp that when you mouse over an image or text, a popup window appears.  Is there anything that I could do with the Javascript capability to create this?  Thanks!


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          Ramon F Herrera Level 1

          I wouldn't do this type of complex thing in JS. Sounds like a job for a compiled plugin.



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            MarkWalsh Level 4

            You can create fields or buttons and add a tooltip that will display text when the mouse is over the field (and these can be changed with javascript - note though, the property of the field is called 'userName' not 'tooltip') but you couldn't just hold the mouse over a word in the PDF document and have this happen. I think you need to be more specific with some of the details about what you want. Where is the text coming from in the other PDF? Is it a form field, or do you want to read text from the actual PDF?

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              liz0910 Level 1

              I added a button and set the trigger to Mouse Enter so that the action manages to occur when you move the mouse into that area.  I managed to create a popup menu through JS that would appear, but haven't been able to just set it to popup another pdf.  I'm trying to see if the popup would be able to show an excerpt or particular section from another pdf.  Sort of as a quick reference for a reader so that they don't need to go opening and searching throguh another pdf.  If that might be possible?


              Thank you again so much.


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                MarkWalsh Level 4

                No, I'd say that is a bit beyond the capabilities of what you can do with Javascript in the PDF.


                It's possible to open a PDF, and have it go to a specific location in the file (say, based on a bookmark, or page number), but I'd be wary of putting that in a mouseOver for the field/button, which would happen any time the mouse enters that field/button. Unless you set a variable to only visit the 'link' to the 2nd file once, this would get really annoying for the end user.


                Plus, it's not so much a 'popup' as you'd probably like it to be. You're opening another PDF over the first one.

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                  Patrick Leckey Level 3

                  Actually Liz, that would be possible but you would need to design your PDFs to allow this action.


                  One PDF cannot access another via JavaScript unless both PDFs are "disclosed".  This means you need to set the Doc.disclosed property to true in a document open action on each individual document so that they will be allowed access to eachother.  Once that is done, you can use Doc.getPageNthWord to extract words from the target PDF and display them in your source PDF.

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                    there is an online application that an popup a window inside pdf.

                    There are a lot of options to chose from.


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