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    URL decode street addresses from PHP


      Hi there,


      I had a php programmer write me a script to download information from a local real estate board, and it works great, but we had to have it download to an xml file using urlencode in php (there were characters in the listings that caused problems - ie. > < & ").


      Anyways, now I'm parsing the information in flash, and still left with a few "+" signs between street names (ie. Bear+Mountain Road).


      I tried adding:


      var loadVars:LoadVars = new LoadVars();


      in my actionscript, but I still end up with "Bear+Mountain Road."


      I guess either the "decode" function doesn't work to remove "+" signs, or I'm using the wrong thing.


      Any ideas?


      Right now it seems to be ONLY "+" signs, so even if there is a way to search the attribute and remove them that would be great!