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    Flex Beta Approaching & Patches

    Vera Carr

      We wanted to give you guys an update on Flex SDK status as we’re nearing our beta and feature complete (FC) dates. We’re working hard to ensure that we are able to ship a high-quality product at beta in a few weeks. Given this requirement, we’ve decided to hold off on including some final features in the beta while locking down in a more stable branch, which means that we will be close to but not have reached FC when beta ships.  After the beta is out the door, we will land our final features.  The biggest example of a missing features is the ViewStack that is optimized for Spark.


      Since we’re trying to lock down the beta and then reach FC as quickly as possible, you will see us prioritizing beta and feature complete bugs over current and new patch submissions. Once developers have finished their beta and FC bugs, we will get caught up on the patch reviews, but you should expect this to be a few weeks after beta.  Just to set expectations, this will also apply for the Bug Quash patches, so please anticipate delayed gratification.


      Once you’ve checked out the beta, join us at our next open meeting to discuss your thoughts on Flex 4. The meeting will occur about 6 weeks after the beta release. I’ll be sending out details in June.