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    Where to find a good Director programmer?


      Hi all,


      I've searched high and low for a good Director programmer but it's proven to be very very difficult. I've tried both elance and Guru and while they have both yielded responses, their proposals don't give me a lot of confidence in that they know what they're doing.


      Does anyone know where I'm able to find a good Director programmer? We have a program that was built with Director seven or so years ago and was continually updated right up until 2007... but we've been unable to get in touch with the original programmer. We have some small but extremely vital changes to make to the program ASAP. It is an image editing/processing program that largely relies on Photoshop to work.




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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Can you describe the changes required? Do you need someone local or is a remote freelancer an option?


          FWIW I have a profile on Guru and receive notifications, but don't recall seeing anything like your description recently.

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            LiamCS Level 1

            Hi Sean,


            Location isn't of great importance... so long as we are able to actively communicate via Skype/MSN/Email/Whatever it's fine.


            We are mainly looking for someone that can make our program compatible with Photoshop CS4 - it currently works fine with CS/CS2/CS3 so I'm not too sure why it isn't working with CS4. I believe there are a few other very small modifications to be made that I've yet to confirm with my boss but yeah, nothing major.


            I've PM'ed you the software link.