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    What is the proper way to deal with cascading triggers in AcroForms?

    Ramon F Herrera Level 1

      My question refers to the forms in which there is a binary question such as:


      "Are you interested in travel?"


      When the user clicks "Yes", there are further questions whose fields are dot.hidden depending on the answer.


      So far, I can handle the 1-level cases fine, but my doubt is how to implement nested dependencies. For the sake of simplicity, I would prefer to define the cause-effect relationship once ("Every time the 'Interested in Travel' box is checked, the field 'International or Domestic' should be visible") and send some sort of message or trigger downstream.


      I would like the right things to happen (cascading triggers included) when the "Clear Form" menu command is selected.


      Are those desirable features available in JavaScript (the particular JS used by the traditional AcroForms)? Maybe I should look into C++ programming?