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    Where's MPEG4 export in Premiere Elements 7?




      I've purchased Elements 7 after using the evaluation and I thought that after upgrading I'd have an MPEG4 export option.  However, it doesn't seem to show up.  Any ideas on how to access it?  Is it possible that it requires installing the full version, rather than installing the evaluation and adding the serial number?





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          Paul_LS Level 4

          I think you need to install the full version, certainly to get all the content. The supported export format for MPEG4 is "MPEG-4 (.mp4, .mov, .avi)". To find the MPEG4 export options go to Share>Personal Computer>Quicktime (make sure you have the latest Quicktime installed). Then select a preset and then go into Advanced and go to the Video tab  and select your Video Codec for compression. You can also customize the export settings here, frames size, quality etc etc


          Alternatively go to File>Export>Movie and in the Export window select Settings.Then in "General" for File Type select Quicktime, then in the "Video" window select Compressor and select your export codec. You can also customize the export settings here.

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            Unfortunately the MPEG-4 options in Premiere Elements are quite crippled compared to Premiere Pro (which uses Adobe Media Encoder). You can get around this using the Quicktime wrapper as suggested but it limits you to Apple's H.264 codec. There is a MainConcept H.264 codec available but you cannot access it by customizing the export options.


            You can get around this by using the .EPR presets from Adobe Media Encoder, which are just XML files that tell the encoder what to do. You can even edit these in Premiere Elements once the presets have been copied over.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I disagree, ic belle. As Paul indicates above, there are a number of settings for outputting  MP4 files for a variety of devices

              at a variety of quality levels. I'd hardly call that "crippled".

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                JBelizario Level 1

                I see your point - I guess I should pick my words more carefully. What I meant was the customization of MPEG-4 export is limiting in the sense that Adobe has already decided what the best options are and you can do little to change that except upgrade to Premiere Pro and Media Encoder.


                In my case, I was trying to author a 720p file for upload to YouTube but with even when customizing the built-in presets I cannot meet YouTube's 720p spec unless I use the Quicktime wrapper (which in turn, forces me to use the Apple H.264 codec as opposed to the MainConcept H.264 codec). I tried customizing the presets under Mobile Devices but it would not let me use a resolution higher of approximately 640x480.


                I do realize that there are built-in YouTube presets for direct uploading but this doesn't meet my needs because my source material is not in 1080 and I would much rather have a "master" file that I can then use to upload to YouTube in a batch, etc. when I need to.


                Why am I using Premiere Elements instead of Pro you ask? At my organization we are trying to increase the uptake of web video by teaching communications professionals how to edit and post simple videos online. The quantities of software involved are significant so we really can't justify purchasing Premiere Pro to produce videos that are well within the capability of Premiere Elements (we're talking videos under a minute in duration and primarily of the sound bite variety). That, and we feel the learning curve for Premiere Elements is much easier to get them up and running.

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                  I'm not sure this helps, but under Share > PC > MPEG encoding options, under one of the H.264 selections, the program allows you change the res and the bit rate, and uses the MainConcept H.264 codec. I believe you can just change the suffix of the file to .mp4 and you're there. Or maybe not. I'm testing it right now to be sure.

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                    JBelizario Level 1

                    How far did you get with this? I recall trying something similar but for whatever reason it didn't work out for my needs - but I might

                    have gotten the process wrong too.

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                      REKopacz Level 1

                      hi Sorry, I didn't get back right away multitasking. I tested it on a five min clip and unfortunately, it didn't work, the file extension was different, but it had all the qualities looked for: 720p res, MainConcept h.264 codec, just the wrong file extension (and changing it to mp4 did not work). I don't know if PE 8 is different or if anyone from Adobe is listening, but it would be nice to increase the control over encoding to do the things that.


                      I've never been able to get good results with h.264 / mp4 anyway, despite several attempts. I tried encoding a video last night using the iPhone HQ preset in PE 7, and it came out looking terrible compared to the Flash presets. keep thinking I must be doing something wrong, because everbody raves about it.

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                        JBelizario Level 1

                        I think I came to the same conclusion - the MPEG setting you are referring to is for Blu-Ray authoring from what I can recall.


                        Although the codec is the same, the stream type options are different when I "borrow" the .EPR preset from Adobe Media Encoder to use for export in PE.