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    Att: Sony EX1 EX3 users - SxS adapter

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      I have been trying different expresscard readers on EX3, like many others , and have found a cheaper alternative that works well.

      The following card is currently $25 at newegg, AFT PROExpress-7 ExpressCard Reader



      I have the Australian e-Film version which works fine, but it cost me almost $70 with shipping and a separate handling fee. The AFT set me back average about $28 each when I bought 7 of them. Works with Sandisk 16gig class 4, Transcend 32gig class 6 and Sony 16gig memorystick pro duo Mark2 in adapter - long test recordings. Takes a couple of seconds or more for the red access light to go and become available to record again when you stop, and no overcrank etc the same. But hey it's very exciting to see that it really works.


      By the way the Sony MSAC-EX1 Memory Stick Duo ExpressCard adapter, suggested here:
      http://digitalcontentproducer.com/cameras/revfeat/sony_pmwex_1001/index2.html?sm te=wr

      does NOT work.


      Among the seven AFT readers I bought one was defective, so getting a replacement, but all others are working. I hope this card doesn't disappear from the market the way the KxS and others did! This is my 'AxS' card. The Sandisk 16gigs were $40, so for less than $70 I have a replacement for the $750 original. I saved about $6000 with these replacements. I can always overcrank with the original.


      Suddenly the Sony 32gig SxS is only $860 at http://www.taperesources.com/SxS_MEMORY_CARDS.html

      What happened? It was $1500 three weeks ago. Sony never lowers the price!


      BTW has anybody noticed how retarded this new forum engine is, same sluggishness that the CS4 PPro has ? When you press backspace it takes a while to respond. Is it the swine flu virus that's affected these at Adobe?