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    Deep links without hash # (or, split hyperlinks in email)


      Hi all,


      Is it at all possible to create deep links without the # character in there?


      The thing is that a link containing a # send in an email breaks after the part with the #.

      I.e. only the first part of the link is recognized as a hyperlink (mail on mac) which leads to

      confused customers. Besides, I'm wondering whether SEO is influenced by the # in the url's...


      So, the split hyperlink in the email is my real problem. Any solution to that is greatly appreciated.



      To solve this issue I've tried to mod rewrite a link such as www.mysite.com/#id/12345 but for some reason the page is not found:


      RewriteRule ^mysite.com/([A-Za-z0-9]+)$ http://localhost:8888/dev/bin-debug/index.html\%23$1 [NC,L]


      The idea being that




      should redirect to




      What I get is: The requested url was not found on this server.


      A rewrite rule without the additional parameter 12345 does work and shows the swf properly:


      RewriteRule ^mysite.com$ http://localhost:8888/dev/bin-debug/index.html [NC,L]




      Best regards,