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    Import Word Doc - mapping styles - Styles missing in RH8

    Philip Tory Level 1

      (Sorry - it's me again!)

      In RoboHelp 8, I am importing a Word document. When I get to the Conversion Settings  screen, I am supposed to be able to map Word doc styles across to the styles that I use in my RoboHelp project. But many of them are not showing.

      Here are my Styles in RH8:


      And this is what the Import process finds:


      The styles breadcrumbs, Command Path, Footer, Intro and Normal are missing from the "RoboHelp Style" list - which notably shows styles that do not appear either in my Help poject nor in the Word doc.


      I cannot find any answer to this mystery in the Help Guide, so can anyone throw any light on this please?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I am not sure what drives the list in the RoboHelp Styles dropdown. If you click the Edit button and you will see a list with a few more styles including Normal. Also you can create other styles there.


          If you edit Normal, then it will appear in the RH Styles list. You can also add your other styles and create mapping, if you wish. If you don't map, then RH will handle it as per the help, so no need to map unless you want the style to change on import.


          I think the help comments for you to raise are it would help if the what drives the default list was explained and why it does not tally with the list when you click Edit (the latter part could be a bug, not sure).


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

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            Subhash Jha

            Hi Philip,


            RoboHelp 8 uses the file "RHStyleMapping.css" by default for Style-Mapping.

            You can use any other project css file or your own css file also, instead of using this file for Style-Mapping.

            You need to perform the following steps:-

            1. Select menu "File->Project Settings...", the "Project Settings" dialog will be opened.
            2. Go to "Import" tab.
            3. Go to the setting "CSS for Style Mapping". Here you can see that "RHStyleMapping.css" file is currently selected in the drop-down list.
            4. You can select any other project css file including "default.css" in this drop-down list for Style Mapping.
            5. But, If you want to use some other css file which is currently outside project, then go to the next step.
            6. Click "Add" button in front of the css file drop-down.
            7. This will display the "Open" dialog, where you can select your own css file e.g. "MyMappingStyles.css" and press "Open" button.
            8. The "MyMappingStyles.css" will be displayed now instead of "RHStyleMapping.css" and your styles will be displayed in the Mapping dialog.



            As far as your other query is concerned that why some extra styles are visible in Style Editor?


            There are some inherited styles e.g. Normal, Heading 1, .....Heading 6, etc. which are displayed in every css.

            You can hide them by selecting the check-box "Hide inherited styles" on the Style Editor.



            Subhash Jha

            (RoboHelp Engineering Team)