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    Unable to use "Open With..." to open PDF files in Illustrator


      Have a client who upgraded from CS2 to CS3.3 recently.  Two PCs running windows XP SP2.  After right clicking and browsing to the Adobe Illustrator executable, it will show in the menu, but the icon is the one windows uses for generic applications/ batch files.


      When this option is selected, an error is returned, the pdf (path is given) "is not a valid win32 application".  I can open Illustrator then open the PDF file without issue.


      I have used add/ remove applications to remove CS2 (but kept the preferences).  Ran a re-install of CS3, no change.  Cleaned out all links to CS2 in the registry, no change.


      Client bought an upgrade CS3.3 license, but then discarded the CS2 Disks.  If I wipe out all of CS3.3 and CS2, will I still be able to install?  Even if I do that, will the functionality for the right click and open be there and work?  Everything else in CS3 works and the users are happy.  it is only the right click that needs be addressed.