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      ok. now i've divided my scene with frames labeled. say: at frame 1, it's my about section. At frame 20, its my photo section, etc. on the same scene, i've created my menu to navigate to these sections. each button calls a frame label, and the proper ainmation happens, and then, you're in the section you chose.

      NOW... (i have a feeling i should of thought about that earlier...) i'm trying to figure out a way to tell my button to be unclickable (and hightlighted) while you're in its section, until you leave that section.


      i know that my site is probably NOT constructed the way it should be... but starting over isnt really an option, since i have a deadline...


      what do u guys think i should do? is it too much of a hassle?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you're using biutton symbols instead of movieclips as buttons, then the least amount of change may involve a coding approach.  Have a function that enables all buttons that is available across the timeline.  Then, as you get to each section, you call that function first, then disable the button associated with that section.  You can probably have a semi-transpaprent graphic that covers the button for the highlight effect that you relocate for each section.


          There are other options/approaches, so wait 'n see if others offer some.

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            esco1313 Level 1

            im using movie clips as buttons...


            by the way, i'm not really good in actionscript. i understnd what you are saying, but have no clue on how to do such a thing...

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You should be able to do the same using movieclips, with and alternative for the selected feature.  For that, you can send the movieclip to a highlight frame within itself rather than using the semi-transparent graphic I mentioned.


              To enable/disable buttons, and movieclips as buttons, you set the enabled property to true or false.  So the enabling function would be along the lines of...


              function enableBtns(){


                    thisBtn.enabled = true;



                    thatBtn.enabled = true;




              where thisBtn and thatBtn would actually be whatever instance names you assign to the movieclips, and "normal" is the label of the button as it normally appears...


              And the code on the section frame would be along the lines of...




              thisBtn.enabled = false;


              where highlightAsSelected is the frame label in the button mc with its highlighted version shown

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                esco1313 Level 1

                this makes a lot of sense! thanks, i will try to make it work. i just need to figure out where i will put those codes hehe my fla is huge, and it got a little crowded along the way!


                i'll give you feedback here!

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                  esco1313 Level 1

                  worked like a charm!


                  Thanks a lot man

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                    Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You're welcome