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    details in SDK commit messages

    Brian Deitte

      What happened to the details in the SDK commit messages?  I noticed awhile ago that they started giving less information, which I think may have coincided with the change in the forums.  Is this every going back to giving the log message and modified paths?  Thanks, Brian

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          matt_chotin Level 3

          So when you submit a message via email to the forums, Clearspace looks for things that might indicate an email thread (such as multiple dashes) and truncates from there on (because it figures it knows better and doesn't want the web version to have all the old threads).  I'm still trying to find out if there's a way to disable this, or if we might be able to adjust the Subversion email to not use those dashes.  Or if there might be some alternative setup.


          Any thoughts welcome...



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            Brian Deitte Level 1

            I'm no expert in Subversion, but hopefully someone else can speak up and help with that.  As for Clearspace, if you haven't gotten help from their support, I could attempt to really escalate the issue.  I know the founders of Jive Software and while I haven't talked with them in awhile, I would be happy to pester them to get my pet peeve solved. 

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              matt_chotin Level 3

              It's apparently something they know is in the core Jive code.  It's not something that can be disabled on a per-forum basis which is what I'd like.  Feel free to ping them, so far the suggestion is that we encourage our users to know that they can't use multiple dashes   And make sure to reply above the thing you're replying to, not below, etc.