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    FlippingBook Flash component




      I wonder if anyone on here has any experience of the above component (http://page-flip.com/demos.htm). It produces 'turning page' books from jpegs and I'm having problems with one aspect of it.


      I've created a 'GO TO' button where the user can enter the page number that he or she wishes to visit. It all works beautifully, with one problem. The FlippingBook component is set to start at page '0'. This means that if the user enters '5' in the GO TO page box and clicks 'GO', he or she will be taken to page number 6, rather than 5, because what we are calling page 1, the component calls page 0.


      I need to try and find a way around this, as if we're working on existing brochures with contents lists and index numbers, it is not feasible to just change all the page numbers. I would think that I need some code to tell the component to add a page to the number each time, but I'm not clear what the code should be or where it might be added.


      Many thanks for any help.