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    need to get started fast


      Hi. I'm a 20-year print pro. My expertise is InD, Illustrator, Photoshop. I've always avoided web, but I just lost my bread and butter account and need to get a web portfolio up quickly. Simple opening page, black background, name and simple animation consisting of brief flashes of bitmap images. This points to a scrolling portfolio on next page. Portfolio would consist of my print layouts, scroll-over before/after examples of my fashion retouching, and a large portfolio of my vector illustrations.


      I'm broke need to do it myself. And I need to do it using CS3. Can't afford to upgrade to CS4 presently.


      I have a  brain and I'm not afraid to get into stuff like action script, but I really need to cut to the quick and not waste time searching through online tutorials that go in directions I don't need to go in.


      Based on my needs, can someone point me to some good tutorials and/or sources of info?

      Thanks in Advance,