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    Skipping Audio Playback of Raw AVCHD Files in PE7


      I get constantly skipping/dropping audio when playing back AVCHD clips in PE7. These are pretty long takes imported from a Canon HF10 camera. The video seems to playback OK with no jitter/judder or dropouts.I have tried reducing the clip to a 3 minute length but audio still skips/drops every 3-5 seconds for a second or so. I rendered/exported a short test clip to a .wmv file and a 780p file and the audio playback is just fine on the rendered clip. I'm using a Vista 32 Dell 730 desktop with 4 gigs ram and 2.6 quadcore processor and all editing on internal Sata drives. I had the Pinnacle studio 12 editing package first but moved to PE7 due to freezes and crashes. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks!