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    SharedObject Weirdness

    McFrisco Level 1

      [URL]http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=116783e57f76915e5a3d773badf2143048de05749e8bfd995621d66 e282a0ee8[/URL]


      The above file is a shared object test that was working for a while, and then, it stopped.


      It contains 3 fields, which write to the .sol when you TAB out of the fields.  Two buttons, one to clear the fields, and the other to reload the fields from the .sol.


      From the trace messages, I surmised that it had stopped writing the .sol file.


      I searched and found that this was indeed the case.  No .sol file was being written, even though there were old ones with other names in the folder (down in Documents and Settings somewhere.)

      I tried deleting the old .sol files, changing the code to write to a file called "Gtest" instead of "test" 


      Now, I can't getthe .fla file to write a new .sol file at all.  I must have pissed it off!  (excuse my personification.)


      The question is, what would cause the sharedobject to stop working?  Is there some limiter kicking in?


      I realize I'm going to have to use eval() to pass the param variable correctly. That's what I was working on when the shared object stopped doing its thing...