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    Straighten/Clean Up Live Paint Lines?


      Hello all,


      I have been free-hand drawing sketches on paper, scanning them, and importing them into Illustrator.  Then I use live trace and paint and *viola*--I've got my vector image.


      Only problem is, the scetches don't contain perfectly straight lines.  Additionally, I go over the scetches in a chisel-tip marker before scanning, and, depending on the angle of curvature for some lines, the width of the ink varies greatly thoughout the image.


      Is there any way to:


      1.  Straighten up sections of the live paint lines?


      2.  Thicken only portions of a live paint line (to better balance out the ink width issue)?


      3.  Smooth out choppy "stair-step" looking lines?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.