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    Flatten PDF when printing?


      hello All,


      i need a way to flatten my pdf's when i printing.  this is needed for performance via a web app.


      i need something similar to the flattenPages() method, but it MUST work with Reader.


      any ideas as to the best way to handle this?  maybe a print parameter?


      thank you,


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          lrosenth Ninja

          I am confused about your workflow..


          Where is PDF creation taking place?  Where is printing taking place?  What Adobe tools are used, and where?

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            JasTyler Newcomer

            the pdf's reside on a server.  we use Acrobat 8, and a custom plugIn that we can add functionality to, for maintaining the pdf's.  they are basically used for data entry, so nearly all the pdf's have numerous textboxs and dropdowns... some images, lots of text.


            they are rendered to the user via a web app.  we recommend our users use Reader v6 - v8.


            the same pdfs that are used for data entry are used to print.  this is done to keep overhead low.  we pass the this.print() method to the pdf via an fdf, along with form data when the user chooses to Print.  the pdf's is loaded for printing, then reloaded back to "data entry mode" if you will.


            we want to be able to use the same pfd's that we use for data entry, but flatten or strip them down to only what is needed to render what is on the screen to a sheet of paper.  we need this to speed up the printing phase of our application.


            i hope that gives enough info.  i'll be happy to go into further detail on any particular area if you need me to.





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              lrosenth Ninja

              Your best bet is to install a server-based component that can do the flattening of the form on the fly and then return that to the user.

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                JasTyler Newcomer

                i assume you mean a server component such as activePDF or rainbowPDF.  i am considering both of those as options.


                is it possible to integrate the "adobe PDF converter" print driver into a web app?  if so can you point to the correct SDK documentation.


                i have experimented "printing" my original document with the converter and file size reduction is huge.  that is exactly what i'm looking for.


                it would be nice to pass the Converter my original document via file path, an FDF, and a output directory and get the new "flattened" pdf.  can this be done?


                thanks again

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                  lrosenth Ninja

                  Well, as this is the Adobe forums, I was thinking more about our LiveCycle ES family of products - but yes, something that would run on the server and flatten the necessary form elements.   LiveCycle ES offers the functionality that you require.


                  No printing would be involved, and you could certainly look at additional file size reduction options as well.

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                    JasTyler Newcomer



                    thanks for the reply.


                    i wasnt trying to promote other products, just trying to figure this problem out.  hope i didnt offend.


                    can you add insight to the 2nd part of my previous post.





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                      lrosenth Ninja

                      2nd part being what - file size?  That’s simply of function of the overhead of forms...

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                        JasTyler Newcomer

                        2nd part being the integration of the adobe PDF conversion print driver.

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                          lrosenth Ninja

                          1) The Adobe PDF printer driver is NOT licensed for server-side usage.

                          2) If you follow the advice I gave you about a server-side flattening component, you don’t need the printer driver.