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    CF 8 and meeting requests




      I'm attempting to create a meeting request on behalf of another user.  Here is what I'm trying to do.  I have a Training application.  When the user that is logged in signs up for a training class, I want to send him a Meeting Request for that class he wants to attend.  I want the meeting request to be created when he signs up, and I want the meeting organizer to be our Training Committee.  This is NOT working.


      Here is what's happening.  I am using cfexchangecalendar to CREATE the meeting request.  I am passing in MY login to exchange.  In the Event struct, I am identifying the Organizer to be 'Training Committee'.  For RequiredAttendees, I am passing in MY email address.  When I run this test, I DO see the Meeting Request in my Calendar.  It appears as if I initiated the meeting.  It still has my email address as both the Organizer and the attendee.  It is ignoring my struct Organizer string.  Also, the email that I am supposed to get goes directly to my Deleted folder.


      So, How can I send myself a Meeting Request that appears to be created by someone else?  Can this happen?  Do I just create an Appointment inistead?  Has anyone experienced this, or has had to develop this?


      I appreciate any help you can give me.  Thank you.