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    Sharing Layers to Pages but not all States


      Is it possible to share a layer in State 2 to other pages, without that layer going to all states?

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          Panos Zygopoulos Level 3

          Every page of your document contains layers and every layer has different states. Unfortunately there is no option to share states but only layers. So, when you share a layer, you include every state of that layer.

          (Notice that when you select a state and click the layers panel, you cannot see the objects of the other states of that layer. This does not mean that the layer is included into a state, but it's only a visibility option. You watch different states of a layer.)


          The thing is that states must be added to every page. I mean that you cannot share a layer with 2 states, to a page with only 1 state. If you do that, only the first state will be shared. Even setting a page as masterpage is not going to include the states of that masterpage to others, unless you have already added states to the other pages as well.



          Anyway, you cannot share only 1 state of a layer to other pages, unless it's the first one .