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    Question about dropping frames during playback

    mtthwmrrsn Level 1

      Ok... granted my system hardware is a little outdated but... My system was running 1.5 without any problems... all I did was wipe the hard drive, reinstall the os, install CS4, install the drivers for my blackmagic SD card. But now when I render a project and try to play it back I getting drop frame errors all over the place. My video drives all check out runnning the blackmagic speed tests, I've made sure they are defragged and there is plenty of room... so the only thing I can think of is that there must be some setting in 4 that I am overlooking. I'm just shooting on DV and I chose blackmagic DV for my project settings (al playback is set to BM) and everything seems to be pointing to the video drive... any ideas what I might have missed? I've had a stable edit suite (well as stable as an edit suite can be) for so long I must be a little rusty at all those sneaky little settings.

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          mtthwmrrsn Level 1

          Never mind... I bit the bullet and formatted the video drive (something I was hoping to avoid) and everything is happiness now. That's what I get for trying to do things the easy way.


          Of course 4 seems extremely laggy compaired to 1.5, but I'll blame that one on my 3 year old edit suite (even though it was top of the line in it's day).

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Glad you got it sorted out, albeit with a reformat. I watched your thread, in hopes that someone could address your issue with another workaround.


            As for the display (GUI and also media files), it does seem that CS4 is slower in some aspects, than earlier versions. However, with really top-line gear, most folk do not complain. I'm waiting to upgrade the workstation and the OS, before I upgrade to CS4 myself.