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    AdvancedDatagrid column widths not fixed after resize


      This is really driving me crazy. I have this advanced datagrid with 3 columns. The first 2 colums have their width set to a fixed size, the third does not have a width set. The datagrid control itself sits in a container and has his width set to 100%. Initially the containers width is set to 0 (nothing visible). When the resize effect is played on the container (setting the width to a fixed value (ex. from 0 to 300) the first time everything looks OK (datagrid scales to 100% and the first 2 colums have their width correctly set. After playing a resize effect (from 300 to 0) everything is hidden again (the intention). Repeating the 2 resize effects (hide and show) several times in a row changes the width of the 2 columns (randomly). How can I solve this? Both fixed size columns have an item renderer (a checkbox for the first column, a button for the second one). Any help is much appreciated.