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    There's got to be a better way


      Hi All,

      I'm working on a training video, I did a 2 camera shoot of a conversation style lecture and use opacity to switch between the tracks, on a third track I have a video displayed as a PIP which is the subject of the conversation, I need to stop (pause?) and start the video on track three as the discussion flows (in other words resume it where it stopped at a later position) but I want a still picture of the last frame to remian when it is paused, I cant use the "create still picture" function because it creates a still of the whole scene, not just the PIP, is there a simple way to do this that I'm missing? Thanks for any suggestions,


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          If you already know where you want to "pause" your track 3 PIP, this is what I would do.


          Make track 3 full size (zoom = 100%).

          Split the clip every where you want it paused.

          Space your clips on track 3 where you want them to play.

          Go to the last frame of each clip and take a full size picture "freeze frame" of the clip.

          Insert the picture and stretch to fill between the motion clips.

          Now, zoom and position the first clip where you want it and remember the zoom size and position.

          Repeat the zoom and position for the rest of the clips.


          It would not be any harder to do than your "2 camera" switching.

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            Paul51639 Level 1

            Thanks much for your reply, I've been using a variant of your procedure (your workflow is better but I'm already in the middle) but wondered if there was a more efficient process, perhaps not, Thanks for taking time to reply

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              Paul_LS Level 4

              There is a way to do it using Frame Hold, where you want the track to pause place the current time indicator and split the clip using the scissors tool. Then do the same from where you want it to start again. Then on the middle section where you want it to pause right click and select Frame Hold. Then select Hold On> In Point. The frame will hold for the during of the middle section of the video that you have isolated.

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                Paul51639 Level 1

                Thanks Paul, I tried that method and it works as you stated but then it's a pain to find the next frame (as I want to resume on the frame that would have followed the still)  to resume on since the still portion essentailly overlaps the video (same as if I had cut that section out) unless I'm misunderstanding something, either way good knowledge for another day

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                  Paul_LS Level 4

                  Another way would be to export the complete frame, as you intially did, and put this on track 3... then use the Crop effect under the Transform effects to frame the PIP. The video on layers below will play behind the frozen PIP.

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                    Paul51639 Level 1

                    Hey very creative thinking there! That would save some steps. More than one way to skin a cat eh? Thanks again, one can always count on a guy named Paul