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    Change all links in multiple documents to point to a single folder

    tynan Level 1

      Hi, I've almost no javascript or applescript other than simple changes


      Anyhow, somehow I've got myself in a position where I have 50 ID CS3 files with pictures that have been placed by three diffferent people and so currently point to about six different places on the network, some of th elinks are to lores positional, some to logos


      I have all the Hires pictures in a single place but I'm going spare trying to make the ID docs drop their current links and look to the new single folder


      I can relink every doc individually but it's one hell of a shag


      Is there somehwere out there a script I can run that will keep the filenames but set all the paths of the links to a preset one that I enter initially


      to all the open docs naturally


      it'll save me from going stark raving mad, not hapopy with the way ID CS3 handles picture links