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    Images are distorted during animated scaling after render during playback


      my original footage was from PSD files imported into to AE.

      I rendered it @ best quality an used no compression (720X486) when I imported it into Avid XPress for playback. Separated the fields during render.


      I opened the comp with the write-on effect and scaled down the text.

      During the scale up and down, the object is distorted and appears to be jagged as it is being scaled down and up only when I playback in AVID.


      The QT plays back just fine.


      AVID requires that you import lower field first. I rendered in AE with lower field first and set the AVID to import the graphic lower field first.

      Still got same result.


      Someone help me please with this. This always happens when I animate scale. What am I doing wrong.