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    Source monitor quality issues...


      Hi Guys,


      I hope someone can help. I've done a lot of searching for some help with this question;


      I've been using Premiere Pro CS3 for a little while and am slowly mastering (learning) the basics!


      I recently imported a .mov file in PremPro to add some music to it.

      The strange thing is, after import, the movie seems washed out/faded in the source monitor and also when I export the final comp.


      When I open the .mov in Quicktime and After Effects and view it, it's perfect.


      I'm working on a MacPro tower (i'm at home now and can't exactly remember the spec! ) But running OS 10.4+


      When I open the same .mov file in Premiere on my MacPro Laptop at home the movie preview is fine!?


      I'm sure i'm doing something very wrong!? Any ideas guys?

      Apologies for the lack of machine specs.


      Thanks in advance.